Telling Tales Virtual Volunteer

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Important Information

As a potential volunteer, it is important you review the following information. Your agreement is tracked at sign up and is a requirement prior to confirmation your roles and shifts. If you would like to discuss, please contact us at

Volunteer Agreement

The Telling Tales Board of Directors is committed to ensuring a high level of integrity, due diligence, privacy and ethical programming. By proceeding with your application, you acknowledge the information provided is true and accurate. You agree to read and comply with the Code of Conduct, the Telling Tales Volunteer Handbook and acknowledge the roles and responsibilities outlined in the position description. If you are a new volunteer to Telling Tales, by proceeding with your registration, you provide permission for us to contact the references provided and comply with screening processes.

Privacy Statement 

The personal information collected from volunteers is only used for the purpose of Telling Tales and the Telling Tales Festival, and is not used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it is collected without the consent of the individual to whom the information relates or as required by law.

Job Description

Telling Tales is going digital this year! We’re looking for enthusiastic, social media savvy volunteers with a love for reading and a passion for children’s literature! Volunteer from the comfort of your home and help us promote our Telling Tales contests and our virtual Telling Tales Festival on your social media page. It’s so easy! 

  • Connect with us on social media – Like us on Facebook & Instagram and follow us on Twitter & YouTube then share, share, share and comment on our posts!

  • Use your own social media accounts to share details about our Telling Tales Book Mark Contest, Creativity Club and upcoming Telling Tales festival.

  • If you can, join us for our 2020 Telling Tales Virtual Launch Party and share the video – LINK

  • Stay in the know and sign up for our Dragonfly Newsletter.

  • Telling Tales will provide you with a schedule of our daily posts and promotions so you know when and what to post on your site. 

Volunteer Skills:  Computer usage; Marketing

Thank you for signing up to volunteer.